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Rapid prototype

A. cnc machined prototype
1.Abilities & Experiences
We can process prototypes in a range of block material with max dimension up to 1800mm*1100mm*650mm, we process the work piece by cutting the unwanted material from CNC(Computer Numerical Control) equipment, normal lead time of CNC prototyping is 4-5 days. high volume production requirement, high surface and the complex shape parts are fit for this processing way. Our CNC machines can typically machine components on home appliance, medical device, car and electronic products with high quality.
With more than 7 years of experience, our professional CNC Technicians provide services all day every day, consigning your projects with the correct materials and processes and offering alternative production solution

2. Precision & Quality
At EbyTon we achieve Precision and Quality through our Management Experience, CNC Machine Programming and CNC Operation, as well as Material Selection and Inspection. Our CNC Technicians strive to ensure only the Highest Precision and Highest Quality on every part (big or small, complex or simple). CNC positioning precision is 0.010/300mm and processing precision is within ±0.05mm. Our CNC Technicians work to International Production Standards providing machined parts for a variety of applications.

Material Choices
EbyTon offers a vast selection of High Grade CNC materials to choose on your projects. Our Engineering Plastics selections include: ABS, PMMA, PC, PP, PE, PA (Nylon / GFN), POM (Acetal / Delrin), Medium Density PU Modeling Board (RenShape / SikaBlock), PF (Bakelite), PTFE (Teflon), and PEI (Ultem). Our Engineering Alloy selections include: Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, and Brass.
Big Size Parts
The machining of Big Size Parts does not always require using large CNC machines. Our Engineers separate big size parts into several smaller pieces to be individually machined. After machining, the smaller pieces are then assembled into one. With the use of Assembly Fixtures and the FARO CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) we can accurately assemble big size parts. This method saves production time, production cost, assists in avoiding deformation, and improves processing precision.

What Star Prototype does for its customers:
• Production of premium quality CNC machined parts at low cost
• Strict scheduling for on time delivery
• Professional customer support in multiple languages
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The CNC machining of prototypes allows you to have the real material instead of a SL or SLS simulant. We routinely use high quality PMMA (Lucite Acrylic), PC, ABS, POM (Delrin), PTFE (Teflon), Ultem, Noryl, Nylon etc.
We even injection mould our own modelling blocks in unusual injection moulding grade materials, such as Noryl and Ultem, and then machine prototypes for live applications such as RF testing.
We can also machine aluminiums, copper based materials, and even hardened tool-steel. We use heat-shrink cutter holders for our high-speed spindles to ensure cutting accuracy. We also have a portable FARO Laser Scanning Arm which can be positioned next to the machine to inspect 3D parts before being removed from the machine.
Deliveries are typically from 1 to 5 days plus shipment – typically 2 days. We often do projects with 1 to 50 sets of components by CNC machining – this is simply because a simulant material will not suffice for the application.

(1).Automobile and vehicle transportation prototyping
(2).Medical rapid prototyping
(3).Householde prototyping
(4).Electrical equipment prototyping
(5).Toy prototype

B.SLA/SLS rapid prototyping

2.Rapid plastic injection molding
3.Rapid Precision Machining
4.Rapid Vacuum Casting
5.Rapid Pressure Die Casting
6.Sheet Metal Manufacturing
7.industrial design



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